Airport Express Power Supply Repair

I bought an Apple Airport Express off Craigslist a couple months ago so I can send music to my living room stereo via Airtunes. The little bugger quit working about a month in though, so I tossed it in a drawer to be put on Ebay for scrap or otherwise dealt with. As is wont to happen this semester, however, one day recently I got bored and went hunting around my room for things to do. I ran across the Airport Express and started wondering what was wrong with it. Here’s the story of the teardown and my attempts at repairing it:

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“Death of a Battery: the Saga” or “I’m an Engineer with Too Much Time on My Hands”

Oh noes! Out of juice!
Oh noes! Out of juice!

I’ve been going on an Ebay selling binge for the last week or so, which has meant some heavy use of my little DigiWeigh postal scale. All this weighing resulted in the battery that I got with the scale two-odd years ago finally eating it.

Now at this point, I faced what would be for most people a pretty simple decision… do I run to Kroger and buy a new 9V battery, or attempt to Macguyver one out of random stuff I had sitting around my desk? Continue reading ““Death of a Battery: the Saga” or “I’m an Engineer with Too Much Time on My Hands””