Teflon Wallet

I’m going through another minimalist phase, and one of the things that’s been bugging me a lot lately is how swollen my wallet has become with all the gift cards, froyo punch cards, random trash, etc. I emptied out my wallet, only to find it didn’t really get that much thinner or smaller, because of how massive just the wallet leather is. I started looking around online for a thinner alternative more compatible with my newfound minimalism, and ran across this Instructable for making a paper wallet. I was really taken with how compact and simple the paper wallet manages to be, while still being functional and a viable way of carrying cash, credit cards, and identifaction around.

I made myself one of the paper wallets as shown in the Instructable, but realized after a few days of use that it would not last long in an abrasive jeans pocket, and would be absolutely wrecked at the first sign of moisture. I took a brief survey of the paper items around my room which could be more suitable materials for a wallet, and found that I had some USPS Priority Mail envelopes, which are made of a pretty heavy-duty teflon. Here’s a quick overview of how I put the wallet together using the envelope: Continue reading “Teflon Wallet”