GoPro Hero HD 960 Interface Cheat Sheet

1 minute read

As almost everyone who's used a GoPro can probably attest to, they're amazing little cameras with a completely impossible user interface. I can't count the number of times I've needed to change some setting but couldn't for the life of me remember how, and of course the user manual was long gone.

I made some GoPro cheat sheets that I printed out and then taped to the box where I store the GoPros, so that it'll always be close at hand when I need it. I've even folded up one of the smaller ones and inserted it behind the camera in the waterproof case so it's easy to get to if I need it on the go.

I've posted the cheat sheet I put together here, in case it's useful to someone else. There's a pocket sized 4x2" version (GoPro HD Hero Cheat Sheet 4x2inch), and a larger, easier to read 7x2" version (GoPro HD Hero Cheat Sheet 7x4inch), both in .pdf format. I've also posted the excel file I used to create them (GoPro HD Hero Cheat Sheet Excel File), in case you want to modify them to suit your particular tastes.


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