Samsung SGH-E105 Phone teardown - pictures!

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So, in the vein of tearing stuff apart, I ran across some pics I took a while back of my old SGH-E105 phone. I'm really hard on my phones, so the case was destroyed after about two years of use. After sourcing a new case off Ebay, I completely disassembled the phone to put the pieces in the new case.

The Phone

I didn't take any pictures of the disassembly process, but here are the pics of the guts (click for higher res version):

Good view of the membrane keyboard and the back of the main PCB on the left.

View of the PCB for the front of the clamshell, including the screen and speaker.

The front of the main PCB and the main screen on the right. Interesting things on the main PCB are the SIM card connector and the grounding between the RF circuits toward the top of the main PCB and the rest of the board.

Parts everywhere! Notice there are two sets of plastic in this pic... the old case and the new one.

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